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Avant, LLC, formerly AvantCredit, is a private Chicago, Illinois-based company in the financial technology industry. The company was established in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Albert "Al" Goldstein, John Sun, and Paul Zhang. Initially structured as a mid-prime lender, the company issued its first personal unsecured loan in early 2013 using its proprietary technology to determine an individual's creditworthiness.

One dissatisfied customer said, "RIPOFF-DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS COMPANY'S PROMOTIONS. Signed up because of $50 Amazon gift card offer on the radio. Never received and when i called and e-mailed multiple times they only ever accused me of an invalid offer or non entry of promo on sign up. I even called them before sign up to confirm the promo and wrote it down with the time and date of the offer on my Samsung Note."

Another customer left this review, "This company obviously will do anything possible to take your money. I applied for a credit card and was approved, I then received an email with info on how to activate the card once received in the mail and how to setup an online account. Along with this email they attached a PDF file, stating it was the Terms and Agreement Policy. For me to read it and save for future reference. So, I immediately read the entire policy. The policy was a joke! It clearly stats that they have the right to charge you higher interest whenever they want, they have the right to wait as long as they want to post to your account any payments you make. They have the right to change, delete any and all on the policy. Etc... Etc... It truly blew me away. It did stat that if you do not agree the Terms of the Policy, You have the right to Cancel your account within 30 days of receiving the card in the mail."


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Former Employee - Associate says

"Everything - people you have to work for. How other people not completing work is your fault."

Former Employee - Personal Loan Specialist says

"They make you think they care and respect you as an employee but they honestly could care LESS about you as long as you’re doing something for them. Never worked for a company with so many secrets within the company themselves that have been covered up and it’s sickening."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"The work you are expected to do is unreal. They say they have flexible PTO but its more a competition of who takes less PTO to work more. Workplace is toxic - asking questions is discouraged."

Former Employee - Payment Representative says

"Management will appear at first to be great, but follow through on things related to your growth is less than stellar. As an agent, you have to make sure that your requests are followed up on. Call monitoring often, is unfair. Communication between management is none. Often if you have something personal going on, it does not stay between you and your manager. It ends up being discussed with other managers. You ARE expected to push for taking payments from customers. If you aren't able to get payments from customers, you are often accused of stealing money from the company, because you aren't getting payments. Scripting required gets redundant but is mandatory to the letter. This IS a collections position. If you attempt to speak your mind, you are seen as a threat. Management wants puppets they can control. Also, it is extremely difficult to move up."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don’t even do it to yourself. They don’t care about you nor your family."

Current Employee - Senior Account Representative says

"felt like I was shopping at a Wal-Mart anytime I went into work."

Current Employee - Operations Analyst says

"-People making decisions have been at the company for 2-6 months. -Very clique like being in high school -They either like you or they don't, your experience does not matter."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"The tenured employees have an unnecessary superiority complex, there's an unprofessional air throughout the entire organization, they aren't upfront about the job specifics during your interview, training is an absolute mess."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Work, management, stress, pay, and job"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We're sorry to learn you have not had a good experience. We would love to learn more about your experience here to attempt to rectify it. If there is one thing we strive to do is to make sure every employee feels safe in their job. Please allow us the opportunity to improve your experience. Do reach out to Talent@Avant.com and we can coordinate a meeting to discuss in further detail."

Loan Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Company is a joke . They don’t care about their employees. They will find a reason to let you go if they get intimidated. I wouldn’t recommend my dog to go there.NoneToo many team leads getting away with stuff...a lot of secrets covered up, they lie to get you in the door, they don’t care about you"

Senior Payment Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The hours are terrible. You have to be on your shift for 6 months before you can change. It's the hours of the job mainly that makes the rating I gave so low."

Payments Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and broken promises make the foundation of this job. They promise advancement but only promote the click of favorites. Taking, no giving."

Collections Sr Rep (Former Employee) says

"Company sucks you must avoid this company at all costs they promise bonuses but do everything that they can to make sure you don't qualify for them upper management are extremely petty"

Quality Assurance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Don't respect operations team. Personal opinion is that there is Definitely bias when it comes to promoting. Do not work here unless you're desperate. If you do take a job here look for another opportunity as soon as possible"

Collections Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Collections work is not for people who are empathetic. But if you’re hired for it you better believe you are staying there with this company with very little chance of promotion if you aren’t a favorite. When I was hired in all of the managers were like “oh this is a really fun atmosphere” and one even told me they drink the kool-aid everyday they loved it so much. Well as soon as I started they took all of the games and puzzles away. You we’re stuck on the phone all day getting hung up on and abused by ticked off customers that didn’t pay their bills. And you had to try to get money from them by asking extremely personal questions. It was supposed to be soft collections. It wasn’t in my opinion. Then right after starting there they pushed a move from Louisville to oak ridge within about 1-2 weeks. They had to have known this was in the works when I started but didn’t bother telling us before we took the job. And if you work in the tennessee building you aren’t even recognized by the office headquartered In Chicago. I felt like a red headed step child because we didn’t get any perks other than insurance but Chicago got all kinds of perks. You would constantly see new hires from Chicago posted on the intranet site but never anyone from the tennessee office."

PAYMENT SPECIALIST (Former Employee) says

"When I interviewed here I was thrilled with the opportunity for advancement. The atmosphere was portrayed to be fun and exciting. It didn't take long to get caught in the middle of drama and immature people. I was there top performer on the floor the entire time I was there but it didn't matter. People with less experience and horrible attitudes and a lack of professionalism were in the "click." I really loved my job there but the management from the top all the way down was pathetic."

Brand Manager/Communication Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company started off amazing, but they were not ready for their own growth - so eventually it went bankrupt and had to do lots of layoffs. Also, because of the workload, the environment went from relaxed to overwhelming with not much room for growth."

Payments Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible department manager and section managers, who need to be trained on having respect for their employee's. They will belittle you and make you feel stupid for asking questions. They play favorites big time, and you can feel the "clicky" vibe after a few weeks of being employed. No matter how hard you work it's never good enough! The managers will talk about their own personal issues out on the floor, take smoke breaks with the people they're managing which is very unprofessional and looks bad. Unless you need a paycheck I would advise to stay away from this company, just for the simple face that have alot of things to work on and sort out until then their turn over rate will continue to rise. Save yourself the time and don't apply!Getting paid, Set scheduleManagement"

Senior Coordinator, Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"Stressful, disorganized, fast paced, lacking room for growth, no transparency, underappreciated employees, young environment. Lacking communication at all levels"

Collections specilist (Current Employee) says

"The company is very unorganized and unprofessional. The managers dont lead by example and they really dont care about unforseen things that happen out side of work with their employees. I would never recommend anybody to work for this company.Free snacks and a 6.00 fooda certificate daily"

Verification Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Call center setting. Expect with this startup company things to change unexpectedly on a daily basis. Management is solely focused on quantity despite their efforts to emphasize quality, al of which are also constantly changing. Younger people may like the environment as it is collegiate like. Lots of young people, unprofessional workers, casual dress code, schedule can be flexible but with little to NO benefits. Definitely a job, not a career. Expect passive aggressive management and high growth and advancement for crumbs.easy to catch onvery few benefits and perks, unready unprofessional environment"

Customer Service and Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Read more on this company before applying. Be aware that this company doesn't care about its employees and makes it clear that everyone is disposable. None of their systems work, they don't care about their employees, its a numbers driven company who's numbers and systems are not accurate!NothingNothing"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Avant does not have any training programs in place there management team does not have any operational or strategic planning. Slow to make changes to processes and systems. Management team are not effective There is not support to employees from management or HRLong hours with no rewards. The culture of the workplace is terrible"

Producción (Former Employee) says

"Te obligan a realizar tareas para las cuales no te contrataron"

Representative, Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The particular area within Avant, in which I worked, was a bust. They continued to hire people when they didn't have enough work for everyone. We were sent "activities" to do in place of actual work. If you got to stay and "work", it was basically however many hours of playing games on the computer. I'm sure that sounds awesome to some people, but it was boring. Multiple employees had to maintain a second and sometimes third job to make ends meet. I was told that if they actually got the hours they were promised upon being hired, they could just work the one job. The business statement from HQ in Chicago is why I actually decided to work there. I turned down multiple jobs for this one, only to find that the culture of the work environment was way off base from what it was suppose to be. I am confident that Avant is a great place to work, but not this particular office location. I think some people forget that you can have a relaxed dress code and still present yourself professionally. Based on the videos Avant has on their website alone, you can tell they're an up and coming company that treats their employees with respect. I just wish that trickled down to this location."

NA (Former Employee) says

"The environment was fast paced and demanding with minimal benefits and supports. Huge benefit to connect to the right people. Relationships mattered more than performance in many instances."

Originations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Working at Avant did not really teach me anything new. The pay is low, especially for a company who only hires people with a degree. All incentive and bonuses have been taken away. Company makes a lot of changes which makes work less enjoyable. If you were hired through a staffing agency, they are just going to use you and let you go for no reason. No balance with work and life.Co-workers are cool.low pay, terrible hours."

Originations Agent (Current Employee) says

"Inbound/Outbound call center processing and servicing personal loans/credit cards. My immediate manager was very helpful and did what he could to make things better but upper management is NOT helpful at all and can be quite petty and rude. Quality control for grading calls is supposed to be based on written rules but tended to be opinionated instead. PTO time is earned and hard to get/sick time is earned as well but way harder to accumulate. There is a constant threat of being fired for something as simple as having a sick day without enough sick time and PTO time cannot be used unless approved at least 7 days ahead of time. The training, even though it was for a month, was extremely lacking with emphasis on rules and regulations as opposed to real time practice on the phones taking calls. The atmosphere is a sink or swim mentality and there is a constant feeling of being set up for failure. Favoritism is rampant with the rules only applying to some and not others."

Senior Loan Verification Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Exploiting college graduates in call center environment to sell loans to those who cannot possibly afford to pay them back. Raises were never given despite excellent performance by myself and many other colleagues."

Ursula Lovely says

"I paid my card in full 1/1/2021 and the balance went to 0 but the available limit would not update. I checked again today 1/12/2021 and had a 10.38 charge on account. I called to see what the charge was and was first told it was denied but the person on phone couldn't explain to me what the charge was and the card had not been used. I asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold. Then told someone would have to call back. So after 30 min on phone still had no answers. Called back to see if someone else could help and was hung up on twice after giving name. Others may have had a great experience with them but mine today was terrible."

Melissa Robb Rains says

"My experience is...
Another person, with the same name as me, and her significant other hired a debt consolidation firm. The firm sent a letter to you stating to stop all automatic payments and correspondence. Instead of investigating to see whose account the letter applied to, you just applied it to the first “Melissa Rains” you found in your system. Even though our socials are not the same, and I didn’t have a co-applicant on mine.
So, for three months, I had no idea what was going on. I never thought to keel checking that my payment was being auto drafted every month. It had been set up for a year with no issue. I finally got an alert from my credit watching app that my account was marked as being in default. I quickly called you and set up payment arrangements to get the account caught up. At the time, I was told that there was a record of me calling asking to stop all payments and correspondence. I stated that I never made a phone call like that. I was told that you guys were going to check your recordings and get back to me. No one ever got back with me, so I called again. I explained the whole thing again several times, and eventually was told about the letter that was mistakingly applied to my account. I asked to speak to a supervisor, because while I understand mistakes happen, this was a fairly big and possibly credit altering mistake. No supervisor ever got on the phone. I emailed and received no reply. I never really received an apology or any real acknowledgment of ownership of the mistake.
Had I not had a credit watching app, I would have never known what was going on until I was sent to collections, or worse sent to court.
I sent another email asking for ownership of the mistake. Again, no real response. I was told to call. I called, and again, no ownership. Only “I will record your feedback.”
That could have been catastrophic to my credit. Not to mention the extra interest accrued by payments not being made for three months.

I understand mistakes happen, and I am somewhat ok with that. However, ownership of the mistake should have been made, and that interest should have been forgiven. I paid off my loan 2 years early to get out from under you.
So, yes, overall you may be a great company to “most.” However, take responsibility for the ones you failed.

Also, what about your lawsuit with the FTC?"

Lisa T says

"You have to wait 10 - 12 days after you make a payment before you can use your card. That is a ridiculously long time. Even after it has been deducted from your account"

Reginald W says

"customer service is very poor on helping your clients. The company need to find more ways that we the customer to paid our bill. The way it is now its seems you desire us to be late."

Lisa new says

"Misleading loan application!! I filled out the loan application til the last step which asked for my bank statements..Left the last step blank to talk to my bank about the loan & get my bank statements bc I did not have them..Obviously I was already approved w/o my statements & had no clue i was!! The money sat in my account for 5 days til I knew it was there (which was when I was at my bank talking to them..) Called immediately after I got home & now they can't cancel my loan after 5 days and I didn't even finish the loan application..Very misleading & I would never recommend doing business with these people.i was approved but had no phone number (at the time), no documents in hands & not even a phone call..Said they emailed it to me but I never got it!!! It doesn't take finishing the loan application to get approved! Be careful!!"

Gabriel C says

"Custom service is horrible. I reached out due to an error with my loan (on their end) and when I start to address the issue the phone hangs up. I don’t get a call back or anything. And when I try to call back they don’t answer. This has happened several times. I don’t even know if I can trust the loan process. I will be canceling my loan application with this service."

David E Brode says

"They never gave me a chance to rebuild my credit like they said.They make you look like a fool."

Frances P says

"I call customer service to help me unlock my password, they could not help me and told me to call back later. After 5 days my account is still lock. No great assistant for this issue."

Anthony S says

"The way you process payment after you make payment with a 10 day delay to reflect on the balances is insane."

brent farless says

"I made a payment before business hours on a Friday, it's now Wednesday of the following week and that payment has cleared my bank 3 days ago but still not reflected on available credit. My plan is to pay the remaining balance and close the account. Ridiculous."

Pamela S says

"If I had a chance to go back i wouldn't get this card if my life depended it. Went to buy food and was declined due to not having enough credit due to my payment not posting with in a week of paying it off.. whe it should have been available I was embarrassed at the restaurant so they can kiss my ass"

Elizabeth Rodriguez says

"After having this card for years and having an excellent credit history. I called and requested to have my APR lowered as I heard it could be done from various reliable resources. They cannot do this and well, I decided to increase my measly $300 credit limit since this is my lowest cards compare to others where I have others with $10,000 limits. The most they were able to give me was $500. Sad."

Patrick M says

"i paid my bill in full over on 1/1/2021 & now have been told that my available credit won't be available until 1/13/2021. taking 2 weeks to be available to use again. very very poor service.

Toimerf R says

"Good service so far"

rgg says

"Just a basic credit card not much to say."

Debra D says

"I love the ideal that it was easy to get the card I dont have the best credit but because my credit is not the best i got hit with alot of fees for this card and I dont like that.. once i pay it off i am closing it out.."

Jason Hawkins says

"The application process is very easy, but I have two issues with Avant. 1) the interest rate is very high 2) you cannot pay extra towards the principal on the loan, they want all of their interest, seems like a shady business practice to me."

Robin C says

"Your website is not user friendly. Don’t have a website just for the credit cards? It’s hard to find it on the website I found."

Scott B says

"Avant is so far good. I've only had the card a short time. So far I like it."

Michael N says

"My only issue is the amount of time it takes for a payment to post and clear. My first payment took 12 days to clear."

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